Natural Selection Could Not Occur without?


Natural selection cannot occur without variation and mutation. The variety of possible outcomes during reproduction allows the options that become the prominent traits that survive. Thus, it is the ability for species to adapt, generation over generation, that allows the survival of it.
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Genetic Variability. What does the first born inherit from mom and what from dad? and the second born is a whole new mixture of mom & dad (this occurs during "cross-over&
Natural selection is basically the pressure that Nature puts on an species' ability to survive. It acts on physical characteristics of a species by placing a premium on physical changes
Natural selection cannot occur without evolution. Thanks for using ChaCha!
'2'It's the only one that has 'different' traits (the skin color) so there will be 'competition' The skin color is also linked to mating, so the most popular color is going to have
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Natural selection is basically just survival of the fittest. Animals that have a particular trait that help it to adjust better to their environment than others ...
Without genetic diversity, natural selection cannot occur. ...
Natural selection is not a random process. When mutations occur in organisms, the beneficial traits get selected for naturally. For example, a white hare is better ...
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