What is a natural way to get rid of roaches?


Natural ways to get rid of roaches include using catnip, bay leaves and borax. Catnip repels roaches and causes them to leave the area. Bay leaves work in the same way. Borax kills roaches when they come in contact with it.

To get rid of roaches, homeowners should place catnip in their cupboards and around roach breeding areas. Roaches hate the smell of catnip and will steer clear of it. Bay leaves work in the same manner. Homeowners can smash up bay leaves and place them around the house in cupboards, corners, cracks and crevices. Roaches will not go near bay leaves and will leave an area where bay leaves are placed.

Borax is a natural ingredient that is commonly found in laundry detergent. Sprinkling borax around the house and in areas where roaches have been spotted gets rid of roaches. Borax cuts through the pest's exoskeleton. This causes it to dehydrate and die. When roaches walk through borax and then return to the nest, the remaining powder is deposited into the nest causing a majority of the roaches to dehydrate and die as well.

Another product similar to borax is diatomaceous earth. This is another natural product that, when sprinkled around the house, causes the roaches to dehydrate and die. Both borax and diatomaceous earth should be placed in areas where children and animals do not come into contact with them.

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