Natural Ways to Soften Stool?


Taking plenty of liquids especially water is a natural way of easing hard stool. Consumption of the recommended eight glasses of water a day can help alleviate hard stool and prevent it from reoccurring. Other ways are ingesting fiber rich foods, exercising and mineral oils.
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Instructions. Add more fiber foods to your child's diet. Fresh vegetables and fruits, especially prunes and raisins, are good sources of fiber. According to the U.S. Department of
It makes bowel movements softer and easier to
Cheap natural stool softener can be purchased from many different stores. Some examples that sell these softeners include Walmart, Soap, and Walgreens.
I went and bought some "Phillips" stool laxative. and it works within a couple of hours. I felt Relief right away. It wont hurt the baby because, it goes out the body. the
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Natural Ways to Soften Stool
Constipation occurs when the stools become hard and dry, causing them to become difficult or uncomfortable to pass. While there are a number of underlying causes of constipation, one of the best ways to soften the stools and allow for easy passing is a... More »
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