Naughty Truth or Dare?


Naughty truth or dare for girls involves questions that are more PG13 rated. How naughty the questions are will depend on the age of the girls. Questions may involve kissing, sneaking out of the house or dating questions and dares.
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Here are some naughty truth or dares for girls: -Duck! Have people throw
Depending on the tone of the game, and who you're playing truth or dare with, you could try any of the following: A strip tease to the Macarena (or the Mexican Hat Dance, or the hokey
1. Get the players into a group, sitting on the floor or around a table. 2. Choose one player to start the game. This player asks "Truth or Dare? of a second player in the circle
•What is your wildest sexual fantasy? •What is the wildest thing that you have done, ever? •Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex? Who? •Have you ever peed
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Some nasty truth or dare's would be to ask a person if they swallow or spit. This is very, very dirty and should only be used with people that you know very well ...
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