What are some negative effects of beauty pageants?


Negative effects of beauty pageants include low self-esteem as the competitions tend to put a strong focus on appearance rather than inner beauty. Beauty pageants also tend to sexualize women and put a lot of pressure on them which may later lead to depression.
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There are no negative effects of pageants. The negative effects are from crazy parents. Aside, there are many wonderful parents who do not exploit their children but are still very
they make you ugly.
If you want an example of a disadvantage of beauty pageants in young girls, all you have to do is watch "Toddlers and Tiaras". I mean really, most of those girls are brats
Answer 1. Hrm. It makes them see from a young age, that beauty is everything. Which in fact it isn't. Just look at this sad case, which was on trading. Answer 2. a) It can make the
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Beauty pageants can affect one's self-esteem in both positive and negative ways. A pageant winner’s self-esteem may or may not change as a result of ...
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