Negative Effects of Christopher Columbus?


The negative effects of Christopher Columbus included the dangerous journey around the world where many of those traveling with him as part of his crew had perished during the voyage. Once arrived, the ailments were introduced to the native Americans amongst a few other negative effects. Syphilis was one deadly disease which was brought to America during the voyage and the native Americans had no antibodies for it whatsoever, which led to severe sicknesses with little possibility of recovery.
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- He was selfish because of the fact that continuing his first journey could have lead to the deaths of his crew because they were running out of food and he did not know where he
I think there were more positives than negatives. Columbus was a brilliant seaman who discovered the west for Spain. I can't blame Columbus for destroying the Indian culture...the
The Columbian exchange th.
there were many good and bad effects of Columbus's voyage one positive point was that this voyage lead to the Renaissance which means the rebirth of learning art and culture. one
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