Negative Effects of Population Growth?


The effects of population growth can be both positive and negative. The negative effects of population growth, if uncontrolled, can become quite burdensome to society. Every human being leaves a footprint on the environment. Overgrowth can result in less available quality housing, resulting in increased substandard housing and homelessness. Access to food and clean water can be another concern. The issues associated with unsanitary sources of food can sweep through an entire population, causing disease and famine.
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If it is too high for the world to sustain then starvation, war and death.
Despite population growth, the percent of people with access to sanitation rose from 50 percent in 1990 to over 60 percent in 2006, but some areas of the world experience a much more
Economically declining populations are
Just two things required: Rural Education and Time. The Indian youth is already aware of the facts and the concept of "Hum Do Hamare Do" is booming. India just needs some
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