Negative Effects of Recycling?


While most of the effects of recycling are positive, there are a few negative effects of recycling as well. One such negative effect involves the risk that certain recycled items may contain hazardous chemicals that could be dangerous to recycling workers. Another potential downfall is that recycling plastics is complicated and many forms of plastic contain harmful chemicals that may be released into the air during the recycling process. Another negative aspect is the expense of recycling. Recycling paper is more expensive than other forms of recycling.
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Are there any harmful effects of recycling? There can be a few, if the
It costs more in labor to separate and truck the waste. BUT eventually the recycling will save up front costs for new materials which will save the consumer money in the long run.
1. Designate an area in your house where the recyclable materials will go. Be sure you have enough room in the area for at least three or four recycling containers. 2. Use trash cans
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