Negative Effects of Space Exploration?


The negative effects of space exploration is that government spending is focused on that instead of on necessary programs we need. Also, it encourages the space race between countries.
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Exploring space has many advantages and disadvantages. Listed below are some of the reasons arguing against space exploration; If you would like to see the arguments Pro-space exploration
Privatizing space exploration will be extremely slow. There is no profit in it, basically. Launching satellites is about as far as any company can go to make money. Space tourism
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Hi, Emily, thanks for writing. As far as safetly impacts of space exploration, about the only danger I see is to the astronauts themselves (that kind of speed and altitude aren't
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There were 4 main negative effects of the age of exploration. One, Native Americans were killed. Two, many diseases were past on to Native Americans. Three, Africans ...
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