Negative Effects of Technology?


Technology is really any use of tools, machines, or systems that improve a problem. But, even if a type of technology can solve one kind of problem, it may create others in its wake. For instance, automobiles make it less effortful for humans to move; however, car accidents are responsible for more death than any other non-health related issue. When thinking of computer technology, there are many advantages that make our lives more convenient. However, technology does not come without negatives.

While some technology may facilitate learning, too much may over-stimulate and under-educate developing minds. Some people develop technological addictions and find themselves isolated from human interaction. Overall, computers and the accompanying internet can be helpful to humankind, but like any good tool, it must be used properly to get the most out of it.
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There isn't any. Technology has help our world more then we can believe. Another Answer. While I would completely agree with the above response, I would also like to point out that
Technology effects business in a positive way because without technology things would be a lot slower. You do not have to manually process many things thanks to technology.
One of the most telling effects of negativity on teamwork is the impact it has on the cohesion of the team. Team members with a negative attitude can cause divisiveness on the team,
Three effects of technology: response to the questions,
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Negative Effects of Technology
When discussing the negative effects of technology, people often bring up the fact that communication commonly occurs between individuals and machines, and not other people. Learn about the pollution caused by technology with help from a science teacher... More »
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