Negative Tropism?


Negative tropism in plants is a characteristic of the way they grow. Negative tropism is a plant that grows away from the sun. Positive tropism are plants that grow towards the sun.
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A positive tropism is something that bends with gravity or bends towards the light or the roots grow towards water. A negative tropism does the exact opposite.
Positive photropism is the growth of a
Tropisms are plant responses to stimulus that cause directional movement of a plant part such as a stem, root, leaf. Negative tropism - would cause the plant or plant part to move
By nature, mostly, roots are negatively phototropism (Skototropism) and shoots are positively phototropism. This means that shoot system is there to do photosynthesis with the help
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A tropism is a movement of an organism toward or away from a stimulus. A positive tropism is when the organism moves toward the stimuli. A negative tropism is ...
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