What are the Nemadji pottery marks?


To identify pottery and ceramic marks, you need to know what country the pottery comes from. There are many sites that offer a database of the most common pottery marks so you can find your piece.
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1. Look first for the maker's mark. This can range from an eye-catching printed design to a scarcely visible mark blind-stamped -- i.e., impressed without the aid of color -- into
Cantagalli, made in Italy.
Pottery mark DDR is Deutsche Demokratische Republik. I found a DDR cute
高峰 is a brand in China registered in Hunan Province with offices in Guangzhou and Shenzhen also, it's actually a joint venture with Taiwan investor. The word translates
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The Nemadji pottery comes from a region of Minnesota. The pottery started in 1923 in Moose Lake. The mark of the pottery is a side view of a Native American man.
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