How do I install MAME NeoGeo ROMs?


Neogeo ROMs can be downloaded at to install, first download the NeoGeo BIOS from the Fantasy Anime website, go to the folder and save the file, click the file select edit, then move the folder to the ROMS folder, then open MAME to and test the BIOS file.
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one would assume you need a neogeo emulator. try, or and if not try googling neogeo emulator.
heres the site for art of fighting ;] neo geo section
Advancemame can do it just fine =) I've played garou mark of the wolves, samurai shodown series, super dodge ball, king of fighters series etc. There is xmame in synaptic, but the
NEOGEO is not playable. It is a support file for games that require it. As I have told many people about KOF 2002 you need to have downloaded the rom There are 9 clones
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