Neptune's Period of Revolution?


Neptune's revolution around the sun take approximately 165 years to complete. The rotation of Neptune takes about 17.25 hours. Neptune is approximately 2.7 billion miles from the Earth.
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What is Neptune's period of revolution?
The revolution of Neptune is 164.79 earth years. It has a period of rotation of 17.7 earth hours. Neptune is the 8th planet from the sun.
Neptune's rotation period is 0.67125 days. Neptune's
I'm not sure if you meant rotation about its axis (a Neptunian day) or an orbit around the sun (a Neptunian year) A Neptunian day is a little over 16 hours. A Neptunian year is a
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Neptune has the longest period of revolution around the sun at 165 Earth years. In contrast, Earth's period of revolution is 365.2 days, the time measured as one ...
A complete revolution of Neptune would take about 164.8 years to make it completely around the sun. One turn on the axis for Neptune equals 16 hours and 11 minutes ...
The planet with the shortest period of revolution is mercury due to its proximity to the sun. Mercury's revolution is 88 hours. Pluto has the longest period of ...
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