How to Unlock Your Net 10 SIM Card with a Code?


You can unlock your Net 10 SIM card with a code by requesting a IMEI code from the network. The IMEI code is an International Mobility Equipment Identity code.
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1. Close all applications or menu options that may be open so that your Kyocera Net10 is at is home screen. 2. Press the "Menu" key on your phone's keypad. 3. Select the
Use this NET 10 code with the $30/300 minute card: 55955. When it asks if you have a
Stop messing with it immediately. Only your service provider can provide you with your PUK. It is not on your box and it is not on the card that the SIM card was punched out of. The
You have to call Net10 to get the PUK code for your phone. Source(s) Tracfone/Net10 customer for 11 years.
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