How to Add a Movie to Your Intstant Que in Netflix?


To add a movie to your instant queue on Netflix refers to the instant queue, your list of streaming movies and shows. If your streaming device doesn't let you search for titles to add, go to to look for titles to watch instantly.
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1. Log into your Netflix account with your user name and password. 2. Click "Watch Instant" from the top menu bar. 3. Scroll over the movie you wish to add to your queue
On netflix if the movie(s) are still popular and people are still renting them they will not put them on the instant play list.
1 Sign in to Xbox Live on your Xbox 360 using your Xbox LIVE gamertag. Ad 2 Navigate to “Video Marketplace”. 3 Select “Netflix”. If Netflix does not appear
it probably has a lot to do with your internet connection and bandwith on your own network.
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