Network Transmission Media?


Network transmission media is the means by which a communication signal is sent. This can be radiofrequency. It can also be things such as fiber optics.
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Transmission media is a device which is used to transfer the data between one computer to another computer.There are two types of Transmission media: 1. Guided Media. 2. Unguided
1. Check if the media uses wires, which classifies it as electrical. Electrical media is by far the most common category. Electrical media devices primarily use copper wires to transfer
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Wireless transmissions use radio waves or infrared light to transmit data. Many major network vendors now offer wireless network adapters. Ask us anything! report this answer. Updated
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Transmission media is simply the means through which data is transformed from one place to another. This could be through wire, fiber optics, vacuum or coaxial ...
Networking media is a reference to the use of social platforms to promote, organize or engage a social media presence. Social media plays a large role in bringing ...
Transmission media refers to any form of media that is primarily used for the transfer of signals. The media may be a wire, coaxial cable, fiber optics, air or ...
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