How do you neutralize the smell of cat urine?


A solution that can neutralize the smell of cat urine successfully can be made of one-part distilled white vinegar mixed with two-parts warm water. Pour this solution in a spray bottle, and apply it to the soiled surface. Using an appropriate detergent or other cleaner, wash or scrub the furniture, clothing, or carpet after application of the solution. If the odor is still present, recommends buying a commercial stain and odor remover product. These products use powerful enzymes, bacteria, or chemicals to remove odors and stains. Be wary of solutions that may make your cat sick, though.
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1. Soak up fresh urine with paper towels. Do not rub the cat urine stain, this will only spread it around and make more of a mess for you to clean up. You need to get as much of the
Saturate the area in white vinegar, then wash out with mild soap and water.
You can find the best products at pet stores that contain enzymes and they
Do you need to know how to clean cat urine? Anyone who has owned an inside cat understands that knowing how to clean cat urine is part of the package. Unfortunately, over-the-counter
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How to Neutralize Cat Urine
Cat urine has a strong, distinct odor because it is made up of ammonia, which is a byproduct of metabolism. The ammonia is ultimately what you smell when your cat has an accident and your cat associates that smell with the area, so it will go back there... More »
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