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When one is just starting a new company, this can be a very exciting and important time in life. Since the company is brand new, chances are that other businesses and potential customers have never heard of it, and therefore have no idea what the company is about and what its purpose is. In order to rectify this, it is a good idea to compose and send out a new company introduction letter. Using a template can make this task a breeze.
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A new company introduction letter is written by a company when it moves to a new area or if it is opening for the first time. The company introduction letter should be aimed at potential customers, partners, or other relevant parties. The letter should state what the name of the company is, where it is located, and the types of services that are offered. If the company has worked in other areas before, they can include information about awards of excellence or similar items. They can also include the total number of years the company has been working with customers.
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1. Enlist your company's highest ranking executive as well as someone familiar with marketing concepts or a staff member with responsibility for marketing the organization to create
A letter of introduction is a text that is describing what is about to be discussed. It may highlight the main points of a speech, or introduce the reader to the topic being addressed
An introduction letter is usually used to get your foot in the door, and to give a long-lasting positive impression. If it's possible, address your letter to a person in particular.
The salutation.
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