Newborn Nursing Diagnosis?


A newborn nursing diagnosis is a list of things for nurses to look out for while caring for a newborn baby in the hospital. The list has several things for the nurses to look for that could be potentially life threatening for the baby. Some things the nurses look for are the swallowing reflexes, breathing problems, body temperature, family bonding, temperature, and family interaction. On average, a newborn baby will stay in the hospital for 24-48 hours until they are released to the parents care.
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Risk for Infection R/T break in skin integrity at umbilical cord site. Ineffective Thermoregulation R/T immature compensation for changes in environmental temperature.
A nursing diagnosis should include an Asses, and an Analysis. It should also Identify the Problem, Identify the Cause, Consult the NANDA-I and the Diagnosis. For more information
1. Analyze the five steps in the nursing process. Evaluate the results of treatment and identify problems. A nurse executes a five-step process of assessing, diagnosing, planning,
A Neonatal Nurse.
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