Newest JC Penney Commercial?


The song in the newest JC Penney commercial is called 'killing the Blues.' The song is by two artists. Their names are Allison Kraus and Robert Plant. Robert Plant is a well-known singer from the 1960s.
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Unbelievable by Sleepy Rebels.
Christmas Gift Cards from JCPenney, the
The \"American Living\" commercial is Robert Plant and Allison Krause \"killing the blues.\" Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds, also used in The Breakfast
The song was 'Unbelievable' by Sleepy Rebels. We find it catchy.
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The song in the JC Penney commercial is, 'Get Ready'. It was sung by Mayer Hawthorne. The song was played for the commercial for the back to school season. ...
There is no apparent reason as to why this occurred in the commercial. A probable reason would be the director's creative license was put to use to make the audience ...
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