What is the value of a 1908 50-cent Newfoundland coin?


The approximate value of a 1908 50 dent Newfoundland coin is $175.00. This Canadian coin has been out of circulation for decades. This is part of what makes this rare coin so valuable.
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Retail values range from $1 in very worn condition up to about $8 if only slight wear shows.
Coins found in uncirculated condition are very rare and can be extremely valuable, especially for older issues. It varies from issue to issue, but in general uncirculated coins must
1 Determine if the coin is an official U. S. Mint product. Look for telltale signs of validation such as the "In God We Trust" engraving if the coin was made after 1866,
Only a dollar unless in mint packaging. Unless it is in mint packaging that indicates it is silver, it is only copper-nickel and only worth $1.
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