Newton Scooter Science Project?


Many students are required to do the Newton Scooter science project in school. Mostly this is done for kids in Jr high school. The Newton Scooter project is picked because it shows Newton's third law of motion. The third law of motion states 'that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.' The items that are needed for this science projects are a tubular balloon, a childs scooter, and a drinking straw. The straw will be placed in the opening of the inflated balloon.
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Gravity at its best. Example: You should title your science project "Gravity at its best" because using heavier items will make gravity push it down faster. It is like you
For Newtons Scooter project
These are the instructions: In this project, you will use Newton's 3rd law of motion to design a vehicle. This vehicle must travel forward 1.5 meters by pushing backward on the ..
Sir Isaac Newton developed three laws of motion to describe how objects move through the physical world. His first law of motion describes how objects in motion remain in motion unless
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