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The NFL point spread is used as one way to bet on a pro football team winning or losing. A point spread is the total number of points between the ending score of each team. For example, if the point spread was 8, one team might have 12 and the other team might have 20 for ending game score.
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1. Determine a power rating and rank the teams using statistics and rankings posted by other experts. These rankings can be found on the Internet. This ranking will be used as a basis
Las Vegas.
NFL Point Spreads: 1/10 4:30 ET ,At Tennessee, -3 , Baltimore;1/10 8:15 ET ,At
A point spread is a prediction that is made on the scoring difference between a game's two opponents. If you choose the favored team, they have to win by more than the spread. If
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A point spread refers to the predicted scoring difference that is between games for two opponents. Sports books usually make a point spread to handicap or disable ...
A point spread function is a mathematical description of how the light being produced by a theoretical point source such as a star is spread out by viewing, optical ...
Point spreads are based on what team is favored to have a victory during a game. This is done to make the teams evenly matched. The favored team must win by ...
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