What Is Nh2no3?


NH2 is an amino group. (NH4)(NO3) is ammonium nitrate. Ammonium nitrate is often used in agriculture fertilizer and also in explosives as an oxidizing agent.
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It the amine group in the molecule of protein.
Amidogen is a compound radical, NH2, not yet obtained in a separate state, which may be regarded as
It is the organic name for amino. or like NH2-R.
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An NH2 compound is an amine functional group nitrogen and hydrogen. It is organic in origin and can be found in a variety of living organisms. ...
The chemical name for NH2 is amine which is an organic compound that consists of a functional group with a basic nitrogen atom. This compound is a derivative of ...
Urea is the common name for NH2 2CO. Urea is also known as carbamide. With a chemical formula of (NH2)2CO, it has the highest nitrogen content by weight of all ...
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