Nibelungenlied How Siegfried Was Slain?


In Nibelungenlied, Siegfried was slain when Hagen put an arrow into his one weak spot on his back on a hunting trip. Before this trip, his wife did not want him to go, because she had a bad dream about him dying. Hagen decided to kill Siegfried to defend the honor of the king. Hagen was only one of the few that wanted to kill Siegfried. Gunther, someone Siegfried trusted, also had plans to kill him.
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well it was a story but how he was actually slain was Hgen sent a sper through his only vulnerable spot
1924 (Poland)
Upon the fourth morning two and thirty men were seen to ride to court and the tale was brought to mighty Gunther that war had been declared. The very direst woes befell fair women
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