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Some of the landmarks you can find in Nicaragua include: Granada, Ometepe Island, Managua and Lake Nicaragua. Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America and its anticipated as one of Central America's hottest adventure destinations.
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Smoking Volcán Concepción and her almost perfect cinder cone rise from silvery, pure Lago de Nicaragua to pierce the cloudy sky. 'Land of Lakes and Volcanoes' indeed, you think, as the rolling ... More »
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volcanoes, parque center it is in the city of granada.
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Tourists generally visit the many lakes and volcanoes in Nicaragua, but various areas such as the city of Granada have historic landmarks as well. See the related link for a list.
Nagarote , volcan momotobo , miramar.
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One of the most well known landmarks in Nicaragua is Lake Nicaragua. Volcan Masaya National Park is also a popular landmark. The Bosawas Biosphere Reserve is the ...
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