How to Find a Car for 500 Dollars?


Finding nice cars for under 500 dollars is hard to do unless there is something wrong with them. Occasionally one can find a good deal with a car in a police auction or a tow lot fire sale.
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1. Check the car classifieds in your local newspaper. Since you are looking for a car that costs $500 you’ll naturally want to avoid the luxury sections. However, most manufacturers
The best place to start looking for a cheap car would be at
There are many places to find cars priced at under 500 dollars. A good place to start is on Craigslist. Another good place to check is at auctions for used cars.
Sales taxes vary from county to county.usually around 7.25-8.750 in California. At 8.75 tax rate, you would pay around 43.75 in taxes on a 500.00 car. Call the local DMV and they
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A person can find a car for 500 dollars by checking the local classified ads or browsing local car lots. These are often ideal for new drivers or those with very little money.
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