What are some nice names for groups?


Naming a group often requires some creativity to find just the right name. A group name can be a combination of a positive trait of your group along with a reference to what your group does. For instance, if you are naming a group of dog lovers who have rescued dogs, you may want to include a reference about adoption and a trait that the animals have, i.e. Wagging Dog Rescue.

A good way to get started is to brainstorm words to describe the group and traits of the group. Combine a word from each list to see if you find something you like. Group names with alliteration sound nice and are catchy. Alliteration is using the same sound at the beginning of each word, such as veterans group name Victorious Vets or a horse lovers group called the Mane Meetup. A thesaurus can be helpful in finding words that you may not have thought of to describe the group.

A group name should not be difficult to pronounce and should not be too long because it will be cumbersome. Once you come up with some choices, have the entire group become part of the process by voting on their favorites.

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