What are some nicknames for a softball player?


There are several nicknames for a softball player to use. Some could be batter girl, bats, slugger or arms.
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I have played softball my whole life and here are some of the nicknames I have heard: Pitchers: Striker, Whipper. Batters: Bomber, Cracker, Fielder, Popper. General: Thunder, Lightning
Softball players nicknames: speedster, roadrunner, twig, twiggy, short
Decide if you are willing to work hard and be dedicated enough to learn how to play the sport of fastpitch softball. Study the rules and concepts of the game. The website Sports Know
1. Practice makes perfect! Everybody has heard somebody say that at least once in their life. And it's pretty much true. Try to practice every night and work on different things.
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Nicknames have been given to ball players of every sport, and softball is no exception. Charles Wright was 'The Georgia Peach', Dan Schuck was 'Sarge', Mike Macenko was 'The Big Cat', and Dave Steffan was 'The Daffy One', just to highlight a few.
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There are numerous nicknames you can use for your softball team. Try using any inside jokes you may have developed with friends or teammates. Something unique ...
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In the game of Softball, a Force Out refers to the situation where a player is forced to advance to First Base after a batter hits the ball. The defence can get ...
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