Nicknames of Gang Members?


Nicknames of gang members can often refer to the type of criminal activity the member participates in. A nickname could also reflect the person's personality. Examples of gang member nicknames include Killer, Fish, Dread, Shotgun and Arsonist.
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Well there is this one i heard of that goes by the names of the seven dwarfs. The two leaders Sneezy and Dopey and the loyal soldiers bashful happy doc grumpy and sleepy. DDG i guess
There are a couple sure fire ways to become a gang member. One way is to be from a neighborhood where a gang is prevalent and simply get jumped in.
Some gang members take on names of animated characters such as Sleepy or Popeye. Hispanic/Latino gang members use names like Flaco, Huero, and Largo.
Some examples of gang member nicknames are: Rattlesnake, Tiger, Baldy,
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A gang member is a person who associates almost exclusively with members of a certain group to the exclusion of family and former friends. These people join gangs ...
Gang nicknames can be as simple as Sticks, Face, Tink or Pudge. Also Fat Boy, Big Man and Gotti. Mud, Wimp, Nitty and ZItty are other gang nicknames as well. ...
Initiation of female gang members involves performing different activities depending on the rules of the gang. You can find pictures of female gang members at . ...
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