What are the nicotine levels in various cigarette brands?


There are many different brands of cigarettes on the market today. Each brand of cigarette has different levels, or amounts of nicotine in them. Some cigarette brands and the amount of tar measured in mg are Basic 26, Pall Mall 26, Summit 24, Top Choice 24, Lucky Strike 26, Now 2, Bristol King 1, Cambridge 1, Merit 2, and Tareyton Herbert 25. Some are really low in tar, while others are extremely high. There are several online sites with charts of all tar levels.
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Now Ultra Light and Merit Ultra Light both have less than 0.3 mg of nicotine, which is the lowest you can find.
6mg or less (0 points)
The maintenance of nicotine in the majority of cigarettes with 1998...
Indirect evidence suggests that smoking low-tar and nicotine cigarettes does not necessarily reduce exposure to these substances. Puff volume, duration and number, interpuff interval
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