Nigerian Passport Renewal Form?


The Nigerian passport lasts up to 10 years, after using it for 5years you are required to renew it and after 10years you have to acquire a new one. You can renew your passport form the Nigerian Immigration service (NIS) or at any embassy in the respective country that you live in. These are some of the processes to be followed; Find the nearest passport office that is if you are in Nigeria, contact the nearest NIS office to ascertain the procedures for renewal application. Citizens living outside Nigeria can contact their respective embassies for the procedure regarding passport renewal.
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1. Find the nearest passport office, if you live in Nigeria. See a link in Resources for a list of NIS offices, zonal offices and passport offices around the country and their contact
One can get an Australian passport renewal form online at or one can locate the nearest Australia post outlet. Download the application form fill in the detail accordingly
1 Determine if you are eligible to use form DS-82 by reviewing the following four questions . If you can answer yes to all four, you're eligible to use the form. 2 Can you submit
Go to link below, read instructions :
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