How much larger will an object be if I use a 60mm nikon macro lens with extension tubes attached?


All that extension tubes do is to allow you to focus closer so it appears bigger, rather and to actually magnify the image. 1:1 macro means that the lens will focua close enough so that the object will appear the same size on teh SENSOR as it does in
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I have the older Nikon f1.4 50 mm, but reading these reviews, I think I will just hang onto it, especially as the extra element in the new lens might just be a disadvantage for me
If you want to do macro, the 60mm is your only option. Macro lenses can also be used for other stuff - it's not as though they only focus up close. And 60mm is a more appropriate
It's one of Nikon's high quality full frame camera lenses so it should be pin sharp. Are you sure you're not accidentally knocking the focus ring and taking it out of focus? Whoever
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One of my favourite lenses is the Tamron 90mm Macro. Also worth checking out (if you do not already have a fixed 50mm lens) is Tamron's 60mm f/2 Macro lens. It ...
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