How to Operate a Nikon N65.?


1. Install a lens on the camera if one isn't already attached. To install the lens, line up the red dot on the camera with the red dot on the lens and twist the lens in place until you hear a click. 2. Turn the camera power on. The power switch is
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The N65 doesn't have the capability of setting film ISO speed
You can buy a Nikon N65 with standard lens for under $100. Add the NIkkor 55 mm macro lens and it could be add another $150 to its value. Source(s) proFotog.
It means "Film remains in the camera after film rewind complete." If this is happening after shooting, the remedy is simple: open the camera and remove the film. If this
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At a 10 inch throw you get a 5 inch projection. That is as small as it can get. At a 6.5 foot throw you get about a 3.3 foot inch projection. That is as big as ...
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