Nilda Puchi Roman Perez?


Nilda Puchi Roman Perez was the wife to the notorious Hector Lavoe, with whom she had two children. Hector Jr. was one of her sons who was fatally wounded by a gun shot wound. She also lost her husband to the AIDS virus and drug addiction. Nilda went through a whirlwind lifestyle with her husband, as he was involved in criminal activity and ended up dying at an early age. Nilda is part of the Santeria faith and regularly practices her beliefs at the temple in Puerto Rico.
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i think that she died of aids just like hector did. _ Nilda "Puchi" Perez did not die of AIDS as her husband, Hector Lavoe did. She passed away in a "freak" accident
She had one child hector perez jr. (tito). The child she shared with salsa legend hector lavoe (perez)
Yes she died in 2002. I read an article stating that she fell out of her 1st floor apartment window and died... Here's a quote from a Mark Anthony inteview: We were just wondering
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