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Ra is the name given to the Nile sun god who traveled across the sky daily. He was considered to be the premier god, above the rest and that belief has led to debate about whether the Egyptian religion was monotheistic. The pyramids were built in his honor but didn't contain statues of him as the rays of sunlight were considered to honor Ra. He is considered to be a patron for the pharaohs and the pyramids were demonstrative of their link.
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The Sun- Gods name was Ra ( Also known as Re, Amun- Ra, Amun-Re) It is said that everyday he would sail across the sky to become the sun. In order to become the sun he had to pass
Re (Ra) was the Egyptian sun god who was also Re-Horakhty, meaning Re (is) Horus of the
Ra, the Sun God, was the almost universally-worshipped king of the gods and all-father of creation.
Amen-Ra.there are many names. Osiris, Aman-Ra, Ra, Re, Ram. they all mean the same. It depends on what time in Egypt's history you are reading from.
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The sun God of the Nile is Ra. He is known to have different forms. His other names include Khepera, Tem and Temu. He is also the sun God of Heliopolis. ...
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