Nine Trey Gangsters?


Nine Trey Gangsters are a group of men in a gang. They are popular on the east coast. The most powerful of the Nine Trey Gangsters is a man that goes by the name of Robert 'Snoop' Christie.
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a militant minded assassin.
im not sure
The Four Trays, are one of the oldest active Crip gangs in all of Los Angeles.
The Nine Trey Bloods are a gang in the North East. According to sources, their set is the biggest on the east coast. They are also found in Virginia.
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The Eight Trey Gangster Crips were a spin off gang of the original West Side Gangster Crips. The Eight Trey Gangster Crips were led by Stanley Tooke Williams. ...
Some New Jersey residents who may have not previously heard of them, now have knowledge of the NineTrey Blood gang. A New Jersey member of this gang, Oscar Randall ...
nine trey gangsta. ...
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