Ninel Conde Cojiendo?


Ninel Conde Cohiendo was born in Toluca, Mexico in 1970 and is an actress, recording artist and model, particularly popular in Mexico. She has performed in Fuego En La Sangre and Rebelde. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 121 pounds. She was featured in a Big Brother VIP which was a Mexican reality show in 2004. Most reports are that she has not undergone any plastic surgery. She has been nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards.
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Ninel Conde is 5'7. She is not as tall as a super model, and looks great!
Drama | Romance | Mystery | Comedy
Ninel Conde was born as Ninel Herrera Conde on Sept. 29, 1970 in Toluca in Mexico. She is 40 today.
maribel = brown eyes/brown hair = sexy combo but her angled jaw ruins it. ninel = eyes a lil too closeset. so maribel.
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