How do you fix a Nissan Murano sun visor that won't stay up?


You can find many tutorials on how to fix a sun visor on the internet. The problem may also be simple enough that you can fix it without one. The join holding the visor may be too loose or big and may need something wedged in it to have it hold the visor again.
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1. Ensure the sun visor is clean. Use a cloth soaked with alcohol to clean the surface of the visor. Let the visor dry. 2. Select a location on the visor where you can install hook-and-loop
I saw a Sentra with a visor that wouldn't stay up. The owner had taken sticky backed velcro and attached small pieces to the roof and the mating piece to the back of the visor. It
1 Use Velcro with tape on the other side. 2 Try a stiffer solution. If that won't work (because it's too heavy or it's the wrong type of material), try to insert a piece of metal
Some where back in 2001.
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