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Nite White is a commercially available teeth whitening product that is available for home use. It uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide to whiten teeth without causing as much sensitivity as many of these products are known for. Tests have shown that the teeth tend to not fade back as much as with some methods even after 6 months. The gel is available in a variety of strengths and also comes in flavors including peppermint cream and wild cherry.
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1. Place a small drop of the whitening gel in each tooth indentation in the tray. The drop should be halfway up on the inside of the front of the tray. Don't fill up the tray with
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I think it is the best one. Regarding the may have receeding gums which causes tooth sensitivity. Or you may be wearing the trays for too long a time each day. Take a day
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The gel formula is the same, however the size of each syringe has changed from 4.0g (Excel-2) to 2.6g (Excel-3). Two (2) syringes of Excel-2 (8.0g) is roughly ...
1. Brush before bleaching. Teeth that are clean are the most effectively and efficiently whitened. It is also recommended to floss. 2. Test the trays before adding ...
This kit contains trays which you'll fill with the teeth whitening gel, details on use below. There are the instructions for use of the Nite White Excel 3 ACP ...
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