Nitrogen Monoxide Lewis Structure?


Lewis structures are two-dimensional visual representations of molecular structures. The Lewis structure for NO, nitrogen monoxide, looks like an N with one dot above and two below, four dots to the right of the N (arranged like ::) and an O to the right of those four dots, with two dots above the O and two below it. Each dot represents an electron.
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Can't really draw out a lewis structure on yahoo... but to make a lewis structure you just need to know how many valence (outer shell ) electrons nitrogen and oxygen has. There is
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The Lewis structure for nitrogen is that the Nitrogen atom has 5 valence
Do you mean you want to know why the nitrogen has a double bond with the oxygen, rather than with the chloride? The reason is that oxygen prefers to have a double bond. Chlorine does
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(a) oxygen is the most electronegative so it wants to have the most electrons. ...
A Lewis dot structure for ammonia contains 2 dots over the N. It also has an H off of the left and right and beneath the N. The N is for nitrogen and the H is ...
The Lewis structure for Nitrogen (N2) constitutes of two nitrogen atoms bound together by a triple bond. Each nitrogen atom also bears a pair of electrons as shown ...
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