What is the song in the Nivea comercial?


Nivea used the song "New Days" by five-member German rock group Asher Lane in a 2014 Nivea commercial that is popular in the Philippines. The song, from the group's album "Beautiful Falling," was previously used for Nivea's marketing campaigns in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Nivea celebrated 100 years of skincare in 2011 and ran a commercial featuring Rihanna's song "California King Bed." In 2010, the product Nivea Happiness Sensation was released, and the song "Touch" by singer-songwriter Natasha Beddingfield was featured in the commercial. Nivea is a global body and skin care company founded on Mar. 28, 1892, by Carl Paul Beiersdorf, a pharmacist.

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It's called "She is love" by Parachute VA. You can find it on their myspace.
Bedingfield to Debut 'Touch' as Official Theme Song of the NIVEA Happiness
hello, goodbye by beatles.
The song in Rihanna's Official Nivea Skin Commercial 2011 is "California King Bed". Want the lyrics?
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