What does "no good deed goes unpunished" mean?


The idiom "No good deed goes unpunished" implies that, if a person attempts to do a good deed, negative consequences are the result. The phrase emphasizes the unfairness of life.

In the hit musical, "Wicked," the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba, sings a song entitled, "No Good Deed," repeating the line "No good deed goes unpunished" several times. The man she loves sacrificed himself to save her, so Elphaba casts a spell to prevent his death. During the song, she laments that fact that every time she tries to do the right thing, disaster strikes. Distraught, the witch chooses at this point to finally become "wicked."

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Life is so unfair that one is more likely to get into some sort of
An accomplished journalist, editor and playwright, Clare Boothe Luce (1903-1987) is most often credited for being the originator of the phrase. Ms. Luce was well known for her witty
It means that life is unfair, people can try to do good things and still end up in a lot of trouble!
This quotation means that each time a good deed is done by an individual, some consequence of the action will hurt the good deed doer. For instance, a person stops to help someone
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