No Man Is an Island Unto Himself?


No man is an island unto himself is actually no man is an island entire of itself. The passage was written by John Donne. There is also an Olde English version.
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John Donne (1572-1631) a Jacobean poet and preacher. Of course it is possible others may have expressed this before John Donne, but he is credited with the line. Incidentally Hemingway
Donne is comparing all of mankind to a continent and therefore each person is a piece of the continent , not an island. Donne goes on to say that if a clod breaks off from a continent
I didn't find "he was an island unto himself"
The law brings death for sin. The Holy Spirit makes the word of God alive in our hearts to keep us from sin. Better to be changed in our hearts then to suffer death for sin. The woman
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The phrase 'no man is an island' was written by John Donne in a book he wrote during the mid 1600s. He studied for a law degree, however he was born Catholic at ...
The meaning of the quote 'no man is an island' is that man is a social being that cannot exist without his fellows. No one is self-sufficient and everyone relies ...
The quote, 'No man is an island' is credited to John Donne who lived from 1572 to 1631. It is part of a larger passage from 'Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, ...
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