Nobel Prize Money?


The amount of the Nobel prize money each recipient receives varies from year to year based on the finances of the Award Committee. In 2009 the amount equaled 1.9 million however it has since tapered. The grant can be awarded half and half if there are two people in the categories, divided into thirds for three, or split in other methods at the discretion of the committee. The money is often donated by the recipient to other causes.
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= 10 000.000 Swedish kronor = 1, 672.16 U.S. dollars = about 1-2 million. Not to say a lifetime supple of Swiss cheese and Hershey 's chocolate.
The amount of money available for each prize varies from year to
The Nobel Prize is a renowned international prize instituted by the the inventor of dynamite, Swedish scientific genius Alfred Nobel, through his last will and testament of 1895.
Simply put, according to The Local ( 4776/200. Alfred Nobel's last will and testament asked that the prizes be divided in a certain way, including "
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