Noble Women in the Middle Ages?


Noble women of the Middle Ages were the most educated women of their time. They were responsible for the education of upper class girls who'd been sent to their household for education. These women filled their days growing herbs and plants, overseeing their servants, entertaining guests, and performing music.
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They grew herbs and plants, mended clothing, ran the household, managed the servants, performed music to entertain their husbands and guests, participated in and managed the preparation
Women in the middle ages wore tight bliauts around their torsos, heavy folded skirts to their ankles, they also wore a houppelande which was a dress.
Just the same as noblemen. Lots of meat - game meats like venison and wild boar were especially liked. Beef and mutton (but these would have been salt meat in winter). All sorts of
1. Choose some reference pictures of middle-aged women. You can use photos or illustrations. Look for women with interesting faces and funny expressions. Flip through books about
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A noble in the middle ages refers to people who were Knights or owned castles and large estates called manors. These individuals were born noble and only a few ...
The Nobles in the middle ages were considered to be the upper class who were wealthy and there food and diet was extensive though they consumed little quantities ...
In the middle Ages, women played the roles of mothers, wives, artisans, nuns and few leadership roles. Womanhood was viewed in some quarters as an evil of nature ...
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