How to Unlock a Nokia with the PUK Code?


You will be prompted to unlock a Nokia phone with the PUK code if you should happen to enter your pin code incorrectly three times. PUK codes are available from your network service provider. When you have obtained the PUK number, turn on your Nokia phone and input the 8 digit code when prompted, using the keypad. You will then have to enter a new PIN number and once confirmed, your phone will be unlocked.
Q&A Related to "How to Unlock a Nokia with the PUK Code"
1. Contact your wireless provider to request the PUK code for your device. Most providers have a toll free customer service hotline - find the number on a recent bill or company website
I just bought a new Nokia 1661 and I wanted to put a pin code on it and when I cliked pin code on it said what is you current pin code. I just guest and I got it right i put in 0000
Try this: /shop/n. Don't know if it works, havn't tried it, but it's worth a shot.
The 2 most common Nokia restriction codes are: #pw+145234270304737+7# and
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