How to Unlock a Nokia N73?


To unlock your Nokia N73, switch on the phone without any Sim card. Compose #pw+CODE+1#. The Nokia N73 will then display the message 'Sim restriction off' and the phone will be unlocked.
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1. Remove the back cover of your Nokia N73. Take out the battery and check the sticker underneath to find the “IMEI” number. If you are unable to find this number there,
1 Make sure the battery is fully charged. Ad
Go for 6500 slide. Following reasons 1) Compared to N 73 latest. N 73 is outdated now.. 2) 16 Million color display N73 has 256k only. 3) GPRS class 11. N 73 is class 10 4) Bluetooth
The following technical. Nokia n73. review is based on a computer analysis of the cell phone's technical specifications, it is not a hands-on review. It takes a close look at its.
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You can delete themes from your Nokia N73 by going into the folder the themes are in. You can then delete them directly from there. ...
Applications available for the Nokia N73 include calculator, camera, dictionary, finance, and health. There is also software available for sports, SMS email, and ...
1. Download an animated theme to your device, if you do not already have it. You can find a number of free animated themes on Nokia's Ovi store (see Resources) ...
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