Noli Me Tangere?


Noli me tangere means touch me not or don't touch me. There is a painting entitled 'Noli me tangere' that was done by Antonio da Correggio in 1534. The painting is a scene from the life of Christ.
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no·li me tan·ge·re
[noh-lahy mee tan-juh-ree, noh-lee; Latin noh-lee me tahng-ge-re]
a person or thing that must not be touched or interfered with.
a picture representing Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene after his resurrection.
the touch-me-not.
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One of the novels written by Jose Rizal the national hero of the Philippines .
Jose Rizal (novel) Jose Flores Sibal (screenplay)
noli-me-tangere: a cancerous ulcer of soft tissue and bone
"Noli Me Tangere (Noli) is a social commentary narrating the cruelty of Spanish friars to the Filipinos. The story is woven around the romance of Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria
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Noli Me Tangere is a novel that was written by the Philippines' national hero, Jose Rizal. The plot revolved around the hidden agendas that the invading Spaniards ...
The meanings of the symbols in the cover of Noli Me Tangere are lack of freedom, love, knowledge, and light. The Filipina represents his love for his country and ...
Noli Me Tangere basically means 'Touch Me Not'. It is a famous novel in the Philippines written by Dr. Jose P. Rizal. It is a story that covers about oppression, ...
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